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William White is the father to Samantha White and the husband to Tina White. He is a recurring character in Volume Two of the Netflix adaption series Dear White People, played by Robert Curtis Brown.


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Early Life[]

William became infatuated with a girl. After several years, the two married and bore a child whom they named Samantha White. He heavily nurtured and cherished both women in his life, often cooking, taking young Sam to school, teaching her how to become an avid reader, and comforting her to bed.

With Sam attending Winchester University, William kept in contact with his daughter; even after her separation from her best friend, he often communicated with Coco Conners.[1]


William accidentally video-chats with Sam one night through Facetime. During the connection, he informed her that his condition was well and not to fall prey to the attacks of trolls online, citing how difficult she can sometimes be. He also repeated that he had intended to text message her before being dismissed and abruptly dropped from the call.[2]

Death and Legacy[]

William passed away due to cardic complications.[1]


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