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Wesley Alvarez is an attending student at Winchester University and a former sexual partner to Lionel Higgins. He is a recurring character in Volume Two and a minor character in Volume Three of the Netflix series Dear White People, played by Rudy Martinez.


Wesley is a friendly spirit who understands those that match his energy. Upon meeting Lionel Higgins, he becomes emboldened by his presence, typically initiating and engaging with him in many of the common subjects that often leaves them in the shadows as homosexual men of color. They also share a mutual attraction to one another, both romantically and sexually, though Wesley prefers to live far from traditional roles set for society, such as monogamy.


Pride Night[]

Wesley attended the theater students' Pride Party, following along with a crush, who actively ignored and locked lips with another partygoer. Upon the arrival of Lionel Higgins, he began conversing with the awkward, young man about their phones, introducing themselves and what brought them together. Their conversation is abruptly interrupted by Silvio, bring Wesley back to his phone.

Afterwards, he searched and added Lionel as a friend on Facebook, messaging him that he hoped the invitation was not off-putting or creepy.[1]

Mystery of AltIvyW[]

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Welsey Alvarez's Appearances


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