Volume Two of Dear White People was released on Netflix on May 4, 2018.[1]


With the chaos from the protests, Town Hall, and a fire at Davis House forcing an integration of Armstrong-Parker House, the black students are adapting to the new changes that arises. Samantha White deals with trolls and opposition for being a biracial activist while in unresolved conflict with Gabe Mitchell, whom works on a documentary about racism on campus. Reginard Green seeks methods of coping to his traumas, while Coco Conners is learning the struggles of being a leader. Without the paper, Lionel Higgins seeks a new path in his journalism career as well as coming to turns with his sexuality. Troy Fairbanks moves to seek his true self, while Joelle Brooks hopes to leave from her best friend's shadow with boys.


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Image Title Director Writer Air Date Number
2x01 ChapterI
Chapter I Justin Simien Justin Simien May 4, 2018 2x01
In the wake of the town hall protest, Sam finds herself at the center of an alt-right backlash and goes to war with a social media troll.
2x02 ChapterII
Chapter II Kevin Bray Chuck Hayward May 4, 2018 2x02
Still haunted by flashbacks to the house party, Reggie bounces from therapy to Bible study to drinking as he seeks an outlet for his pent-up emotions.
2x03 ChapterIII
Chapter III Charlie McDowell Justin Simien May 4, 2018 2x03
While party-hopping on Pride Night, Lionel struggles to make small talk with strangers and decipher mixed signals from Silvio.
2x04 ChapterIV
Chatper IV Kimberly Peirce Njeri Brown May 4, 2018 2x04
With her political capital on the rise, Coco sets her sights on a new role. But a startling discovery forces her to rethink her future at Winchester.
2x05 ChapterV
Chatper V Salli Richardson-Whitfield Leann Bowen May 4, 2018 2x05
Tired of living in Sam's shadow, Joelle strikes up a flirtation with a student outside the A-P circle who treats her like a queen.
2x06 ChapterVI
Chatper VI Justin Simien Jack Moore
Chuck Hayward
May 4, 2018 2x06
Lionel puts his fledging romance in jeopardy as he teams up with Brooke to hunt down @AltIvyW's identity for an exposé.
2x07 ChapterVII
Chatper VII Steven K. Tsuchida Yvette Lee Bowser
Nastaran Dibai
May 4, 2018 2x07
After bombing at a stand-up comedy set, Troy sets out on a shroom-fueled quest to find his true voice, connecting with friends and exes along the way.
2x08 ChapterVIII
Chatper VIII Justin Simien Jack Moore May 4, 2018 2x08
Gabe finally gets a chance to interview Sam for his documentary, but they both have trouble sticking to their promise not to make things personal.
2x09 ChapterIX
Chatper IX Janicza Bravo Yvette Lee Bowser
Nastaran Dibai
May 4, 2018 2x09
A family emergency draws Sam home, where she wrestles with feelings of guilt and stumbles across a piece of Winchester history.
2x10 ChapterX
Chatper X Justin Simien Njeri Brown
Justin Simien
May 4, 2018 2x10
As the campus braces for Rikki Carter's speech, Sam and Lionel piece together the clues they've gathered on the secret society known as Order of X.


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