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Troy Fairbanks is an attending political science student at Winchester University, an elected student body president, and the former leader of the Coalition of Racial Equality student union, as well as the only son to Dean Walter Fairbanks. He is a major character in the indie film Dear White People and in the Netflix adaption series of the same name, portrayed by Brandon P. Bell.


Troy Fairbanks has been raised under the care of his father Dean Fairbanks. Under his love or lack of, he was taught to dress, present, and express himself in mannerisms of the higher class, deeming this the appropriate method of gaining respect from others. This, however, has placed conflict between himself and his black peers, often finding himself clashing more with his former girlfriend Samantha White.

The overall internal conflict from his environment has put some toll of frustration on his ability to make changes in his life. Troy revealed to Lionel Higgins that he has had thoughts of escaping from home and school, ditching communication to the rest of the world if it meant he could find peace.


Early Life

Troy was born and raised by his father Walter Fairbanks and his mother. He received majority of his development through his father in how to act and present in society and often had his aspirations dictated by him.[1]

Early Days at Winchester

During his starting days at Winchester University, Troy became a member of the Coalition of Racial Equality, leading and organizing many of the operations and campaigns for the student population. He befriended Reggie Green, who insisted that if he were to be taken seriously by the black students at Armstrong-Parker House, he needed to win the persuasion of Black Student Union leader Samantha White.

In the pursuit, he began dating Sam romantically and sexually but continued to engage in infidelities that ultimately soured the relationship upon being exposed through text messages.[2]

House Elections

Standing on the stage, Troy put on a speech.[3]

Dear Black People

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Presidental Election

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Town Hall

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A Failed Night

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Soul Searching Journey

Reggie Green

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Samantha White

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Coco Conners

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Walter Fairbanks

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Troy Fairbanks' Appearances


No means no.
—Troy Fairbanks[src]


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  • Troy's father makes a comment that Troy was one year away from legally able to consume alcohol. While no exact date is given, Troy would have to be born between the years 1996 and 1997 for this to be true.[1]
  • Troy may suffer from Tourette Syndrome, though he has never been professionally diagnosed.[5]



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