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Labels keep people in Florida from drinking Windex.
—Silvio Romo to Lionel Higgins[src]

Silvio Romo is an attending student at Winchester University and the former editor for the Independent. He is a recurring character in the Netflix adaption series Dear White People, portrayed by D.J. Blickenstaff.


Silvio has shown to be a demanding and disciplined individual that seeks a variety of things that either sell or prove interesting in his eyes. A staff member to Winchester's Independent, he has shown to interact the most with writer Lionel Higgins, though it could be heavily implied that he had pressumed Lionel was homosexual.[1]

With the destruction of Davis House, the integration of Armstrong-Parker House, and the removal of the Independent, Silvio becomes distant and cynical, seeking an anonymous identity on social media, in which he confesses his own perception of Samantha White and other activists as well as platforms like Dear White People, enabling groups of white students to act out further than previously.


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The Independent[]

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Town Hall[]

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Pride Night[]

Silvio drunkenly stumbles into Lionel's dorm room, passing out in bed. Recollecting himself, he was jokingly informed that he had intercourse with Lionel before being reminded that he had managed his way there. Being reminded also of Pride Night, he decidingly expressed wanting to socialize with Lionel after discovering that he has lost his keys.[3]

Revive and Reveal[]

Meeting with Lionel after classes, Silvio was brought to A-P House, where he watched as Lionel and Kelsey attempt to comfort and rationalize the display of bananas on her door. Entering Lionel's room, he was presented with the idea of starting a new Independent, with a white board and markers.[4]

Rikki Carter[]

Conversing with a group of students behind an open door, Silvio spoke about escalating tensions on both sides of the arguing parties. Later, he was groomed and addressed by Gordon about having a speaker of color on their side. He approached the stage and announced himself to the packed audience; however, shielding his eyes from the lights, he sees that the seats are filled with black students that silently glare at the stage. Shortening Rikki Carter's introduction to the stage, he left the microphone on the podium and walked down the steps.

Silvio briefly spoke with Coco, asking her what was happening with the assembly.[5]


Silvio Romo's Appearances


Personally, I'm a Mexican-Italian gay verse-top otter pup.
—Silvio Romo to Lionel Higgins[src]
I only want writers who have the guts to tell the truth, like Will Smith in that football movie everyone meant to see.
—Silvio Romo to Lionel Higgins[src]
...What you need to do is find someone to sniff your manites. Judgment-filled non-sequitur.
Lionel's imaginative version of Silvio Romo[src]
Just because I'm not white or straight doesn't mean I'm beholden to the left and their bullshit identity politics. Sorry, not sorry.
—Silvio Romo to Lionel Higgins[src]
Just because I occasionally take it up the ass doesn't mean I want this school to.
—Silvio Romo to Lionel Higgins[src]



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