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Pastiche is a white-run humor/satire magazine publication on the campus of Winchester.


Keeping with its vow to mock anyone deemed too self-important, Pastiche set out to take down Samantha White by throwing a politically incorrect party for all those burdened by her demands for racial sensitivity.
—The Narrator[src]

Run by Kurt Fletcher, Pastiche is a newsletter at Winchester University, heavily operated by a group of white students on campus. Their publications have been seen by students of color as "insensitive" and "offensive" to certain degrees. The newsletter soon became infamous by many students on campus upon the Dear Black People party thrown at Garmin House, in which attendees appropriate elements of black culture and wear costumes, often accompanied with blackface--their faces painted with a dark or darkish color to resemble melanin. Despite this event, the publication continued to produce issues that brought tension between the white students and the students of color.


Pastiche has hosted many party celebrations that could be deemed offensive to the certain groups on the campus of Winchester. Listed are some of the known parites:


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