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Neika Hobbs is the professor for African-American Studies at Winchester University whom seeks an affair with a student. She is a recurring character in Volume One of the series Dear White People, portrayed by Nia Long


Neika is a determined woman at her position at Winchester. Despite being engaged to her fiancé Monique, however, she sought a sexual affair with attending student Troy Fairbanks during his election. Hobbs continues work at the university with a pleasant facade to move through the days.


An Secret Affair[]

Neika texts Troy to meet with her at their secret spot. There, the two conversed about his potential position as Student Body President while engaging in sexual relations. The next morning, Neika awakened to the sound of Dean Fairbanks texting his son's win. The two swiftly clothed themselves and left the yacht, where they were encountered by Clifton.[1]

Brief Encounters[]

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