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Kelsey Philips is an attending student at Winchester University. She is a minor character in the indie film Dear White People and in the Netflix adaption series of the same name, portrayed by Nia Jervier.


Kelsey presents herself in an ambitious notion of self-worth but often speaks as if lost. Having lived safe throughout her life, she is commonly frightful at notions of racism, only citing it after Pastiche's Dear Black People Halloween party, which featured blackface.


Early Days[]

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Black Caucus[]

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Coco's Pregnancy[]

After catching Coco eating red liquorice which she's previously said tastes like plastic bananas, Kelsey finds out she's pregnant. When Coco asks her what she should do, Kelsey offers to stand by her side every step of the way. In the end, Coco decides to get an abortion and brings Kelsey to the clinic with her for support.[1]


Kelsey stood behind Sam, offering a possible explanation for marked bananas on her dormitory door. She, alongside Lionel, explained that someone may have gifted her a fruit basket, only to take everything but the bananas, writing the term "bitch" in an empowering way.[2]


Kelsey Philips' Appearances


I'm a lesbian. Gold star.
"Are you coming out to me, Kelsey?"
"I've been out since Queen Janet's wardrobe malfunction.
—Kelsey Philips and Coco Conners[src]





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