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Gabriel "Gabe" Mitchell is an attending media student at Winchester University, the teacher's assistant for the Media Arts class; he is also romantically and sexually in flux with classmate Samantha White. He is a supporting character in the indie film Dear White People, portrayed by Justin Dobies, and a recurring character in the Netflix adaption series of the same name, portrayed by John Patrick Amedori.


Gabriel Mitchell is shown to be a supportive ally to the black students of Winchester University, though since dating Sam, has become quick to become public about his love for her. Though he has lived privilegedly, he has hoped to contribute to the Black Caucus's causes.

He has, however, had some minor tendencies to become outspoken against some of the dialogue exchanges reduced to thoughts. After phoning the campus police and nearly leaving Reggie shakened and afraid, Gabe has gradually become distant, making attempts to hide what had been done. With the publication of his call in the Independent, the Black Caucus have redirected their eyes away from him and forced him to be shunned from Sam and others.

After ending his relationship to Sam, he began working on a video project, in which he spoke with friends on campus about discussing race relations and the discourse on campus.


Secret Relations[]

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Defamation Wednesday[]

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Party Interrupted[]

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Prep-Rally Preparations[]

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Becoming the Outcast[]

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Interviewing Sam[]

Gabe requested an interview with a collection of Black student at Armstrong-Parker House for his documentary, among them including Reggie Green, Coco Conners, Kelsey Philips, and Troy Fairbanks. During one morning, he used a key to unlock the door into the studio, carted his camera tripod equipment.[7]


Gabriel Mitchell's Appearances


You're this girl... who likes to argue with me with every fucking thing. And I hate it because we both know you're smarter than me. Your favorite director is Bergman, but you tell everyone that it's Spike Lee. You love bebop, but you've got a thing for Taylor Swift. And I know because my Mac picks up your Mac's library. You like to watch me when you think I'm sleeping and trace the outlines of my face. You're more Banksy than Barack. But you've co-opted as some sort of revolutionary leader or something. But really, you're an anarchist. A shit-starter. A beautiful filmmaker, and beautiful in general.
—Gabe Mitchell to Samantha White[src]
Why'd you look at me like that?
"Like what? I just looked at you."
"No, no, no, that was a 'This white boy can't handle what I'm about to say' look."
"It's true; that was the look.
—Gabe Mitchell and Joelle Brooks[src]


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