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Not to be confused with Dear Right People.

Dear White People is a misnomer. My show is meant to articulate the feelings of a misrepresented group outside the majority.
Samantha White[src]

Dear White People is the radio podcast show, hosted by Samantha White, at Winchester University in the indie film from which the name originated and its Netflix adaption series with the same name. The controversies surrounding the title and content of the show are a driving factor in many important plot points and conflicts. Sam's purpose in creating the show was to point out both major and minor racist incidents on campus.

The show is popular enough to draw criticism from the humor/satire publication Pastiche.


The idea for this show most likely came from banter between Coco Conners and Samantha White when they were friends. The two would exchange comments with the phrase "Dear white people..." followed by a clever quip about the ignorance of white people.


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Appropriate Halloween Costumes[]

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Troy Fairbanks and Coco Conners[]

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On "Reverse Racism"[]

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Post-Garmin Party[]

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Reggie Green's Poem[]

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