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Walter Fairbanks is an alumni at Winchester University as well as the Dean of Students and the father to Troy Fairbanks. He is a supporting character in the indie film Dear White People, portrayed by Dennis Haysbert, and is a recurring character in the Netflix adaption series of the same name, portrayed by Obba Babatundé.


Dean Fairbanks is often a strict and powerful man, whom pressures his son to strive high to avoid being stereotyped. He also views Samantha White's protests and vocalization of issues on campus as immature and trivial.

Despite this, Fairbanks has fears that he does not do enough to protect Troy from society's prejudices.


Order of X[]

Fairbanks scolded his son Troy over his inappropriate public urination in the fountain, citing that Kurt Fletcher and his friends were not laughing alongside him but at him in humiliation. He is, then, brought aside into an adjacent room where tall sillouhettes stood before them, instructing his son to be seated and to listen to them. Professing that they were all legacy alumni from Armstrong-Parker, they and Walter suggested that he ran for Head of House.[1]

An Incident On Campus[]

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Town Hall[]

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Walter Fairbanks' Appearances


Can I take Stalin quotes for 200, please?
Are you really joking at a time like this?
Oh, I'm sorry, was I supposed to take "Free speech, my ass" as a legitimate suggestion?
—Dean Fairbanks and President Fletcher[src]
Just remember, son, this is the world you're trying to find yourself in.
—Dean Fairbanks to Troy Fairbanks[src]




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