Conner is a one of the partygoers at the theatre congegration. He briefly befriends Lionel after returning his phone and attempt to engage in a threesome with his supposed roommate-with-benefits Becca. He is a minor character in Volume One of the Netflix series Dear White People, played by Luke O'Sullivan.


Conner often tags alongside his friend Becca. Together, the two have an ambiguous relationship, in which they attempt to engage in threesomes, typically with another male partner.


Lionel Higgins

Conner attended a festive congregation with other students. Though the rooms were packed, he made glances at Lionel Higgins. Later, he entered the restroom, standing next to Lionel, whom hurriedly stormed out of the room; Conner took possession of the left cellphone and returned to the party. Presenting to Lionel, the two introduced themselves, Becca joining alongside Conner for a smoke.

The three moved to a room alone.[1]

Poetry Slam

to be added[2]


  • Despite proclaiming to not subscribe to heteronormative labels, Conner has only shown sexual attraction to men.



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