Brooke is a media student attending Winchester University and a former staff writer for the Independent. She is a minor character in the indie film Dear White People and a recurring character in the Netflix adaption series by the same name, portrayed by Courtney Sauls.


Brooke tends to work independently and strives to achieve high in her enrollment at Winchester. Often, however, she finds herself competing against another Black writer on the staff of the Independent.

After the destruction of the Independent, Brooke finds herself partnered with Lionel in providing news for the students, without the help of her long-time boss.


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The Independent

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Pride Night

With a night party at the Radio Show, Brooke attended the festivities, heavily drinking. Setting sights on Lionel Higgins, she confronted him in a drunken rage, venting about the loss of the Independent and how Silvio texted her in grief over the newspaper being shut down. Though Lionel attempts to apologize for the reprecussions, she blares him out and returns to dancing with other partygoers, including Kelsey Philips and Troy Fairbanks.[3]

Mystery Behind AltIvyW

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Brooke's Appearances


...Don't be so sex-negative, Al. A little dick pic ain't never hurt anybody.
—Brooke to Al[src]
Gay. Straight. Sexuality's a spectrum
—Brooke to Lionel Higgins[src]
Okay. A bitch's got feelings now.
—Brooke to Lionel Higgins[src]



  • Though she is never referred to in dialogue or credited as such, Courtney Sauls reprises her role as Brooke in the Netflix television adaption series of the same name.
  • Brooke mentions that she only sleeps for six hours, some portions of it being night terrors.[2]
  • Since the removal of the Independent, Brooke has been unable to dedicate two of her free hours for something outside the paper.[3]



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