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Armstrong Parker House is one of the residential housing dorms at Winchester University. It houses predominantly most of the black students that attend the university and serves as one of the central settings for the indie film Dear White People as well as the Netflix adaption series of the same name.


The Armstrong-Parker House is well known to be the house for many of the black students on the campus of Winchester. After a town hall protest and despite the residents' movements to prevent the house from intergrating, the university has moved to place more nonblack students into the house.

Upon its first establishment, Armstrong-Parker House housed predominantly Irish and Italian students. As times shifted, it became the house for Black students, though backlash and tensions arose when Douglas Hancock published an article in the Independent over speculation.

Years later, Armstrong-Parker would be the only house to face a pending decision to be integrated, a decision influenced by alumni Hancock. Though the Black Student Union attempt to waive petitions and protests to stop this, the fire that burned Davis House drives former residents to move into Armstrong-Parker, which creates more tension to the drastic changes.


Student Room Major/Minor
Lionel Higgins 204 Philosophy
Troy Fairbanks 203 Political Science
Samantha White 306 Media
Joelle Brooks Anatomy
Reggie Green 206 Computer Science
Rashid Bakr 104
Coco Conners 408 Economics
Al 104 Graphic Design
Kelsey Philips 408
Martin Computer Science



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