But I'm not like a racist.

Addison is an attending student at Winchester University and a classmate to Reggie. He is a minor character in the Netflix adaption series Dear White People, portrayed by Nolan Gerard Funk.


Party Interrupted

With his arrival at the party, Addison invited Reggie to a drinking trivia game. The duo sped through the questions quickly, beating the twin brothers. Afterwards, Addison and partygoes continued to drink and dance to the tune of rap music blaring in the background. When he began to rap along the lyrics, Reggie and Joelle made attempts to correct him, telling him not to repeat the n-word.

Gradually, he questioned the reasons and started protesting he was not a racist, being joined by Kurt. The situation quickly boiled over to everyone arguing amongst each other until someone shoves Addison into Reggie; the two fought one another until the arrival of campus police officers Ames and Cole. Addison tries to defuse the hostility and informed the officers that they were all fine, though Ames demanded to see Green's student ID. After being threatened to be shot and revealing his ID, the party ended.[1]



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