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Abigail is an attending student at Winchester University and host of Dear Abigail. She is a minor character in Volume One and Volume Two of the Netflix adaption series Dear White People, portrayed by Sheridan Pierce.


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Earlier Days

Attending Winchester University, Abigail shared a room with Miko and a former student Tanika. While Miko helped to style Coco's hair, Abigail expressed discomfort with the overuse of sprays in the room.[1]

Dear Abigail Interrupted

Abigail performed her podcast show Dear Abigail for her respective viewers. However, she was abrupted by Samantha White, whom demanded that she removed herself from the seat. Complying, Abigail watched as Sam vocalized her frustration with her prior situation on the Dear Black People party.[2]

Integrating Problems

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Abigail's Appearances


You people?"
"Yes, you white people. Feels weird being reduced to a color, doesn't it?"
"Yeah, it kind of is.
—Abigail and Samantha White[src]



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