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• 6/23/2018

Season Three Predictions

What are some things that you wish to see now that the announcement of a Season Three is coming for this series?
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• 5/6/2018

Season Two Discussion

Volume Two has been out for a bit! What are your opinions of what's been going on? Anything you liked or disliked? Share your thoughts! (Spoilers may be included!)
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• 9/22/2017

Season Two Predictions

With the events of the film as well as the series Season One, what are some things that you hope to see in the upcoming season of Dear White People? Sam and Coco reconciling and becoming friends again? Joelle and Reggie becoming a thing? Lionel and Silvio's relationship developing further? More Ikumi with the group? What are some thoughts that you're willing to share?
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• 5/24/2017

What do you think of the episode format?

Season 1 of Dear White People on Netflix was brilliant. Each episode being told through the eyes of a different student + the storylines converging was nothing short of genius. What did you think?
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• 4/12/2017

Dear White People premieres April 28

Like the 2014 film on which it is based, 'Dear White People' will follow a group of diverse students who navigate life at a predominantly white Ivy League university.

Actress Logan Browning plays lead character Samantha White in the series, taking over the role played by Tessa Thompson in the movie.

Will you watch? What do you think?
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